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I wish I was our Sammy,
our sammys nearly 10,
He’s got two worms and a catapault
and he built an underground den.
But Im not allowed to go in there,
i have to stay near the gate,
Cos me Mam says im only seven,
but im not,
I’m nearly eight!

I sometimes hate our sammy,
He robbed my toy car ya no,
now the wheels are missin and the tops broke off
and the bleedin’ thing wont go.
An’ he sed wen he took it, it was just like that,
But it wasn’t it went dead straight,
But ya cant say nottin when they think ur seven
AN’ y’ not y’nearly eight.

I wish i was our sammy,
Y’wanna see him spit,
straight in y’eye from twenty yards
an’ every time a hit.
He’s allowed to play with matches, and he goes to bed
dead late,
and i have to go at seven even tho’ im nearly eight!

Y’know our sammy,
He draws nudey women,
without arms, or legs, or even heads
In the baths when we go swimming.
But im not allowed to go to the baths,
Me Mam says i have to wait,
‘cos i mite get drowned, cos im only seven,
but im not, im nearly eight.

Y’know our sammy,
Y’know wot he sometimes does?
He pees thru the letter box
of the house next door to us,
I tried to do it one night,
but i had to stand on a crate,
cos I couldnt reach the letter box….
But I will by the time I’m Eight!!!



I feel like doing this.

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